What’s your favourite OP-1 synth engine?

Just wondering which synth engine people love the most on the OP-1?
For me, it’s a tough question and I can’t pick one, but my top three are:


3.Sampler (default Epiano)

string, for me, is a great and thick sounding really natural responding string instrument, from plucky to lush chords.
Digital is Super versatile and has got this VHS vibe which i prefer as pads but it’s a also damn lovely in higher octaves.
Sampler, and especially the default ePiano sound kicks in with a really good sample foundation and ends by getting modulated from Analog LFOs thru the Qunexus CV Inputs (turns them into CC messages) and controls various different parameters of the Sample engine, mostly start&end loop points with a high LFO acting like a granular tape head scratching over the sample.

advanced. :smiling_imp:

Dr Wave

there are waves of favorite engines for me

dr wave was my first favorite; dsynth I think was my longest-time favorite.
Dr wave is so instant, but I think the combination subtlety and versatility of dsynth win out in the end for me. (Voltage has a similar feel for me, but not the same depth. but I guess it’s not a totally fair comparison, with dsynth having double the number of parameters)

My favorite is any of them through the hidden filter effect which while it would never fool anyone that it’s Moog or analog, i feel it’s better than Nitro overall which seems to break up at lower resonance settings than the hidden one…

Dr Wave because i can get a pretty convincing LFO swept hard-sync sound

Cluster because supersaw + basically since it has its own internal filter/amp envelope

Sampler because it’s powerful/flexible

Digital gets Honorable mention (if Sampler is its own category vs a “true” synth)


i think dr wave is my most used
but my fav is cluster

Can’t believe its not mentioned yet! The FM synth is by far my favorite!! Its so incredibly versatile, I think I use it on every track. It can be a bass, an arp, a lead, a pad (here’s a video where I use it for all). If you use SHIFT with the blue knob you can create some cool fade-in/out sounds which makes it really dynamic. Its really fun to also make pads that have lots of portamendo and also through in some red knob to detune it. Here are three of my favorite patches.

oh I definitely had an FM fav phase

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FM. Like people said above, it is versatile and fun to dynamically “tweak” with the blue knob. It’s also the most capable engine when it comes to making weird ambient stuff. (By hooking its green parameter to input from radio or microphone you effectvely change the shape of one of the input operators.)

From purely sonic side, I really like how DBox sounds if you tune it. Too bad there is no easy way to turn a single setting into a full chromatic setup.

tbh i use & highly enjoy all of the engines.
they are all pretty versatile once u start throwing LFOs, FX
and getting creative with the params, resampling etc etc.

i wonder what would be peoples LEAST fav or used?

DNA, it’s Good for its special characteristics but drops in like a bomb when accidentally giving it a chance!


but the graphics tho!!! especially when modulated from external CCs!

could watch that forever

Iter followed by Phase. Iter could be awesome, but I feel like the controls don’t control the right things. Sounds too similar on most settings. Phase is way too distinctive and bubbly in lower octaves and very hash when you crank up the red param. Makes a killer bass, though.

I’d defend the honor of DNA, though. I’ve made entire tracks with just DNA. (Not saying they were good tracks, but that’s not the fault of the engine.)