What synth engine for this sound?

Hi guys im new here , maybe you have an recommendation how to recreate the sound of this with the Op-1 synth engine.

i try to remake 50 cent- i get money

i got the right drum and vocal samples but i need this dirty siren-like sound in the background. i tried cluster and strings , maybe you got an idea what to sample in synth and maybe add an effect ? thanks in advance !

you mean that brassy string sound right?

i would use Voltage and a decent amount of attack on the envelope but a snappy release state. then playing it to the beat

My first stab would be DR WAVE, dialing in some shape, then turning White so it squishes the wave to the left (I think narrow pulse-like waves are a good starting point for brass sounds).

Then dial in some filtering with Nitro effect?

Unison play mode (shift on the envelope screen, select with Blue if I recall) could also help get the unison synth brass sound.

Thank you for the fast answers . I tried voltage and tho it was much better than my attempts i didnt get that what you call „ brassy“ , so i tried sampling a trumpet and manipulate the sound with the string effect.then i tried to combine voltage and that trumpet sound… is it somehow possible to put a trumpet sample directly in the voltage engine, i think its not supposed to work like that ?

I will try Dr Wave now ,lets see how that works out !