what to do in amsterdam?

Going to Amsterdam over the weekend.

Any suggestions from the natives (or non native) here?

What are you looking to do? What interests you? Records? Clubs? Bars? Smokes? Eats?… etc.

You are very much welcome here! lots to do. tips depend on your wishlist.

Amazing city! <3

My favorite museums: Van Gogh (buy the ticket on the internet, the queue is terrible) and the City Museum (really cool!). Check the FOAM agenda (went to an amazing Bowie expo).

Check also the OT301 (www.ot301.nl/) and Melkweg´s agenda, nice gigs. If you´re into squats a lot of them are being closed, but there´s a great anarchist/vegan/DIY cafe in Stevebikoplein (http://www.joesgarage.nl/).

For records, Wax Well Records (good prices, lots of stuff) and Rush Hour (I strongly suggest their brazillian releases and the L.I.E.S stuff).

The Red Light Radio is cool; near you´ll find BIRD, a truly delicious and cheap Thai restaurant. For books/magazines/boardgames/signed stuff (got a Patti Smith´s signed CD there,
after a lecture of her), the American Book Center.

If you smoke, I recommend the Kadinsky, which offers a good selection and doesn´t have that “Spring break” atmosphere that most of the Amsterdam´s coffeshops unfortunately offers.
I strongly recommend that you ignore those guys trying to sell cocaine and ecstasy in the Red Light District.

Thanks for the welcoming, I

Eats, smokes, bars,strange shops. Also, shops to feed my GAS. It needs to feed
Went by roses cantina today. Good Mexican foo and drinks. Yum

@aeoner thanks for the tips. Tis a charming city despite the shitty weather today

Been looking today after a coffyshop that isn’t spring break. So I’ll check kadisnky

wow I wonder how Mexican food tastes in Amesterdam.


This was probably the best mexican food I’ve ever tasted on a restaurant.

Does anyone know what’s the deal with all the Argentinian steakhouses? Why are there so many?

Think I’m going back again in two months. Really liked the city!

@aeoner some good suggestions. Here’s some more…

Cannibale Royale - tasty steaks / burgers & ribs. Pretty well priced too.
Maoz - Great falafel perfect for lunch munch
The Butcher - pretty good burgers (The Big Daddy is killer)

Coffeeshop La Tertulia - deffo not a Spring Break place - lots of plants and run by old people. Ace!

Zotte & Gollem - cosy Belgium Beer bars
Beer Temple - american style beers
L’Affice - my local, very cosy and friendly
Lot 61 (Kinkerstraat) - very tasty coffee roasted in house
Festina Lente - nice bar not far from Coffeeshop La Tertulia

Records & GAS
Concerto - mainstream but a pretty decent vinyl selection and 2nd hand vinyl downstairs.
Record Friend - massive selection of library records for €5 each (sample fodder)
Dijkman Music - Not bad, best place in the centre, the guy in the electronic side of the shop can be a little bit grumpy
Midi Amsterdam - my preferred music shop but a good 10 minute walk from the centre (Leidseplein)
Second Hand stereos and old tech - need an old tape player or something else obscure - they might have it here.

http://steim.org - keeps your eyes peeled on this arts / electronic music workspace / performance.
OT301 - good for parties and events (is near Midi Amsterdam)
Westerpark - nice place to hang out, quite often things will be happening here especially on a weekend. Example - a few weeks ago was a massive video game / arcade festival
TonTon Club - speaking of arcades, this one is in the red light. Nice people. Nice food.
Uitkijk - oldest cinema in Amsterdam - it’s tiny. Every Friday is cult cinema night - might be a classic being shown. Good place to chill in - slap bang in the middle of the city. Plus you buy your beer from a squirrel in front of the screen (I shit you not).
The Eye - a film museum with cinema. Worth it just to go Northside and also to check out the architecture of the place. Plus they run pretty good film exhibitions (Cronenburg last year and Kubrick the year before)
If you’re in the North then check out NDSM and Pllek. The North is generally quite interesting and very different from the main part of Amsterdam.

@domtak wow what a list. I’m gonna save this for my next visit! Thanks a bunch!

@domtak Saved your list :slight_smile: I´ll go in a lot of places next time I go to Amsterdam (specially the food stuff - never eat really well there :confused: ).

And it´s great to remember MIDI Amsterdam, it was downstairs of the apartment that I stayed when I went to Amsterdam the first time, missing OVERTOOM AVENUE <3. Amazing stuff and good memories <3

No probs. There’s tons of places here buried in the streets… I’ll add some more as & when they come to me :slight_smile:

No probs. There’s tons of places here buried in the streets… I’ll add some more as & when they come to me :slight_smile:

@domtak Do you know of any places that sell second hand synth gear in Amsterdam besides that TSC shop? I might find myself traveling there in a few weeks and would love to browse around maybe pick up some unnecessary gadgets :slight_smile: