What to do in JAPAN?

Thinking of doing some of Japan in September/October.

Looking for suggestions of things to see and do from people who have visited or live there.

We will likely be landing in Osaka.
Probably spend a day there - it's meant to be cheap shopping.

Then do Koyoto/Nara
More than likely stay in Koyoto for 2-3 days.
Seems to be a lot of beautiful temples and parks to see. But I don't want to spend time going round them all. Is there any real stand out ones?

Then onto Tokyo for 4-5 days.
Will have most time here and i know there's a BIG list of things to see and do. Any out of the ordinary, off the tourist guide suggestions of something we might not have read about?

Any recommendations of synth shops (new and second hand) would be muchly appreciated although the wife might not.

And what's the chances of getting a new Sony Camera over there cheaper than I can get in the UK? Or do they just sell them with the Japanese Operating System?

Osaka: Definitely check out Namba, it’s like Osaka’s hipster/indie district. There’s a tiny video game bar called Space Station in that area, they tend to put on electronic/chiptune gigs quite often.

Tokyo: FiveG synth museum!!
Also if you’re into buying records, check out the various Disk Union places, especially the one in Shimokitazawa (which is a cute little district where I spent 5 hours just wandering around; definitely worth a visit).

If you’re in Tokyo early September, the Square Sounds festival is a lot of fun. Chiptune and retrotech music over a few days; a good place to go to check out some local and international electronic artists.

Some great tips there Pselodux. We’re also heading to Japan in September. Keep the tips coming!

Buy vintage Roland Space Echo tape delay units :wink: Seems like they’re super cheap over there…

Wonder if it would fit in hand luggage…

Thanks for those suggestions. Staying near Shibuya station so looks like FiveG is only a short 1-2km ride away.

Will defnitely be visiting there!

Don’t know about bringing anything big back.

Is new roland stuff cheap over there? Bitrazer has my interest at the moment.

Prices are cheaper than in Australia, but that’s not saying much. I bought a (very slightly used) KP3+ there for around half the price I’ve seen used ones go for here.

As for roland gear, I’m not sure… I didn’t look at much new gear, though I did see that the refaces were a bit cheaper than elsewhere so you may have some luck.

An SP1200 on the cheap would make my holiday!

just put a strap onto the sp1200 and carry it on to plane. when they question the size of it, tell them you’re a hipster and it’s your personal stereo :wink:

and ask if they have a problem with retro technology :wink:

Haha…In reality it would be just the OP-1 on this flight…but always wanted a space echo

Japanese Re201 units were listing for approx £300 on eBay last time I looked… Pretty cheap, I prob wouldn’t sell mine for less than £700. You could prob fit it in hand luggage for size but not sure on weight. Pretty suspicious luggage x-ray tho :wink:

won’t x-ray f*ck up the tape too?

won't x-ray f*ck up the tape too?

Not sure but should be ok? I vaguely remember taking cassettes/Walkman on a flight way back in mid 90s. Or if x-ray does screw with Tape maybe they just weren’t x-raying that stuff back then? Replacement tape is cheap/easy to find either way tho :wink:

Osaka and kyoto are super close and offer a lot more than tokyo I reckon.

Give me a shout when your in Kyoto we can grab a beer.

Second had stuff here isn’t really that cheap. Sony cameras you can buy but cost extra with an “international” OS.

Cheers man. Think we are doing 3 days in Kyoto.

Want to do some old temples, shrines and nice parks but only want to do a few. Which would you say are the best, most picturesque (both wife and I are into photogrpahy) and breathtaking.
Will give you a shout on here to say when we’ll be over there. Grabbing a beer and getting a bit of local knowledge would be cool. :slight_smile:

I went to Osaka recently and every of the 7 days was very cool! The hostel where I stayed was t h e h i t ! Best thing I had constant contact with japanese people! You can pm me if thats interesting for you!
Don’t really have to mention a must-go,maybe a having diner at a okonomiyaki, I enjoyed the walk in the Nakanoshima Park, very spacey and relaxing at the same time! Oh I wanna go back to Osaka!

HOORAY!!! Another visitor to the land of the rising sun! No, wait… Another two visitors!!! Congrats @spacetravelmadeeasy and @jonesy_op!!!
And what an incredible time of year to visit. Autumn is without doubt my most favourite season! (I still got away with shorts in the first week of December mind!)

A friend of mine is planning to come over in the (brutally hot) summer and I wrote out an itinerary for him, you’ll be able to get things from it too but I can’t seem to upload a photo. I’ll see if I can do it later; unless my fingers get carried away with excitement!
Ok, prepare for massive amounts of info friends!

Firstly, you’ll need a Japanese rail pass which you can pre-order in your country from this website https://m.japan-rail-pass.com/
This is essential. You’ll pay through the nose without it. Although it only gives access to the slowest Shinkansen it will get you everywhere.

Have you thought about Horoshima? It’s very far away from the Kanto region though.

Kyoto for three days is perfect. The wife and I holidayed there for the same amount of days and it was just enough. The train station is a thing of beauty. You’ll have to see the Golden Temple and I highly recommend one of the finest examples of a Japanese garden on earth - The Ryoanji. It’s worth the bus ride and definitely go after the trip to the Golden Temple on the same day, they’re pretty close. There’s a famous fish market which has great food and not just of the sea swimming variety. You have to visit Fushimi Inari-Taisha - it is amazing!!! First place I went! In the evening you should dine outside by the river in a traditional Japanese restaurant. The reason I say a traditional Japanese restaurant is because there is nothing else like it: unparalleled service in a way that the Japanese enjoy. This river should be strolled along after your meal. It is also has wonderful photography spots.

Osaka was ok for me but I never thought anything was cheap. Especially the current second to Tokyo in Japan.

In regards to your stay in Tokyo - you are going to love it! It is big, busy, and bustling. It’s at the end of your trip, right!? I’d advise tired feet to start more relaxingly and venture to the wonderful Odaiba. This bay area will bring you the wonderful sights of Rainbow Bridge and the joy of sand between your toes and amazing photo’s to your camera roll. The shopping mall is terrifically placed and has equally great eateries on offer for all food types. Traveling there by the sky train is a must.
I’d spend two days getting lost in Shibuya/Shinjuku/Omotesando Hills/Harajuku in no order. Akihabara is crazy and easily experienced however it is a bit further out from te centre.

Now, the all important synth shops. 5 G is a gangbuster-must! In Akihabara there is a synth shop but it was hard to find the first day I was there. It is above a Softmap Store. There are great directions on this thread https://www.gearslutz.com/board/electronic-music-instruments-electronic-music-production/283101-5g-tokyo-synth-porn-super-store-check-out.html
if my memory serves me correctly for both stores. The latter has great deals on gear. Both are ideal spots for a no problem with the wife browse.

I’m not sure who told you it was cheap and personally I’d eradicate that idea. The Japanese know their stuff. The only place you’ll find super smashing great deals is at a Hard-Off - a place which your wife will definitely not enjoy. I picked up a DX7 complete with DX7 flight case for ¥2000 but the battery was dead. They didn’t know so they hawked it off for peanuts. Plus, I scour because I live here. Another store that won’t get you in trouble is the Ishibashi near Manhatten Records. A great place that boasts historical synths with handwritten ‘Please Don’t Touch’ labels and as well as a cabinet of classic Casio’s and up to date gear there is everything inbetween. It’s probably my favourite due to the diversity.

I would start day one of my Tokyo trip with a Blue Bottle Coffee at the top of the street, walk and (window) shop the whole road and stop half way for a Starbucks opposite the Vivienne Westwood store and next to Bill’s inside the same building for a cake and another coffee. Then I would hit up 5 G. After that I’d pop across the road to the Meiji Shrine to make a wish and buy a tombolo future predictor thing for shits and giggles. Then I would go to Akihabara and do loads of fun stuff. Double back and go to Tokyo’s Blue Note to end the evening.

Another place that should definitely be visited is Yokohama. That is a future city if ever I saw one! The views and photography opportunities from the top of Landmark Tower will leave your flabber fasted and your awe struck!

I went to Taiwan recently and had a helluva time mostly thanks to the fact that my old work mate lives there. It’s so much easier when someone can lead you from place to place. No time spent looking at maps and arguing with the wife after you followed her directional skills that turned out to be wrong. Hahaha
Time is the biggest factor so spending it looking at maps ain’t cool. Not trying to beg friend but hit me up via PM’s and lets see.

Food. :slight_smile: I’m a massive foody :slight_smile:
You need to go to a Yaki-Niku. They offer an ‘All you can eat’ and ‘All you can drink’ deal or just one.
You need to eat great ramen (there is also as low as OK, I’m sorry to say.)
You need to eat Udon with tempura.
You need to eat
And I’d go to China Town in Yokohama for food and a great experience after walking around Yokohama for day.

Japanese people lack a certain idea of first world survival in my opinion which can only be good from a tourist point of view.

The 7/11 coffee is amazing! Cheap with great beans - it makes me scratch my head!

I think, after two long sittings and thoughtful consideration, I’m done for now. I will have probably missed stuff but I’d sign this off as Holy Grail for now. :wink:

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<span style=“color: rgb(37, 38, 30); font-family: “lucida grande”, “Lucida Sans Unicode”, tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 22.1px; background-color: rgb(252, 252, 255);”>Will let the wife have a read and will also look into more detail.

Here’s a map we’ve compiled over the years of some of our favourite stuff in Tokyo – I definitely recommend you check out Xi’an for some maramen and nasu no sancho age (if you’re into spicy food; admittedly, it’s Chinese rather than Japanese, but it’s the best noodles I’ve ever had), and Mikado arcade (if you’re into games; there are plenty of arcades in Tokyo but they’re mostly full of modern junk, Mikado is two huge floors of retro goodness).

Nakano Broadway (tons of interesting shops) and the free observatory in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building are also probably worth checking out :slight_smile:



Excellent info, thanks. Will google those suggestions later.

Would Kyoto be a good base for day trips to Osaka and Nara? Thinking of staying in Kyoto in 3 nights with the idea of using the bullet train to Osaka etc

We’re also getting a flight to Okinawa - cant wait!