What to do in Madrid? (OP-1 spirit!)


I’m visiting Madrid for the first time this weekend. Do you have sugestions of cool places, record/gear shops, clubs, restaurants etc with the spirit of this community? :slight_smile:

Last year you told me amazing secrets of Paris! :slight_smile:

Sadly I’ve never been to Madrid, but keep collecting these and we can do a Rough OP1 Guide to the World. :slight_smile:

Funnily enough I was in Madrid last October for a work trip when I accidentally discovered live-looping on the OP-1. l stayed most nights in my hotel room and live looped my nights away :slight_smile: I haven’t used any other piece of gear since.

I do remember going a couple times to a nice hood called Malasaña where there were nice bars, as well as another one called la Latina.

Hope this helps, otherwise you know you can always live loop shit in Madrid.