What to look for?

Hi, I’ve been looking at getting an OP-1 for a long time. Ever since I first saw it on red means recording, Andrew Huang, and cuckoo’s YouTube channel’s I’ve wanted one, but I never took the dive because I was very new to music. I now have some music production experience and I am thinking about getting one to enhance the experience, but the $1299 price is a little high for me. This leads me to looking for a used one. There are plenty out there online from sites such as reverb and Ebay. However I’m wondering if there are certain things I should look for or ask about to purchase it. Does it matter if it’s a first model or the new 2019 model? I’m new here, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Sorry, but why no OP-Z?

Just don’t buy the op-z secondhand! :rofl:

I bought a new OP-1 a month ago from the TE site which was faulty and so I returned it to Stockholm. TE were great about it, there was no hassle there. Then I bought a 2nd hand one a few weeks ago which was 6 months old and looks new, and everything is working fine.
You should know that you can run diagnostics on the OP-1 by holding down COM as you switch it on, this way to can quickly check if all the keys and dials are in working order.

do watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owEhQJCc3ZU&t=10m36s

I think the OP-Z is fantastic as well, but I feel that the visuals and overall workflow of the OP-1 will suit my needs better

Okay, thank you! That’s good to know!

The video was very Informative, thank you for sharing!