What's all the hocus pocus about? OB-4 Breakdown demo/review

Here’s my take on the OB-4! What does this thing actually do?


great review :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks Funky! :heart:


FYI. Via the orthoplay app you can turn the Bluetooth autoswitching off.


Is it possible to skip to the beginning of the tape with a button combo? Or do I just have to keep spinning the tape wheel backwards? The minimalist controls slightly confuse me, however I do prefer that over too many buttons:)

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ouuuuu good to know thanks!

You can skip to the “real time playhead” by pressing play- but I don’t think it’s possible to skip to the beginning of where you start “recording”- you’d have to rewind in that case.

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Thanks for the info, your youtube video was super helpful. :slight_smile:

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Glad to help.

I’m curious if the tape wheel is supposed to make any sounds when skipping back to the live playhead. The first couple days I could of swore it was dead silent, but now it makes a quiet hissing noise when it spins forwards.

I have not noticed that, but I don’t use the tape head all that often. I’ve got mine set up in a corner of my office and use it with my iPhone as I’m working when I don’t want to stream music on my PC — the sound is better. (Yes, first world problems, I know.) I’ll try to remember to try that sometime this week.

Out of curiousty, have you been taking the latest firmware updates? I have. Maybe that’s made things different (better or worse).

Yep, I updated it Friday night, and have done a few motor recalibrations. The tape wheel sound is like a plastic on plastic sliding sound. It seems to be the loudest when returning to the real time playhead. It also makes the sound when looping and the tape spins back, but not quite as loud. I listen to music pretty quiet most of the time so thats how I noticed it. If you are listening at over 30 percent volume it might not be as noticeable since the rewind effect sound sort of drowns it out. It may have been making this sound the whole time but Im just not sure.

So, i t tried this today at a couple of different volumes, and don’t hear it at all. Really weird. I had the volume down to about 15% when I tried.

I guess I just got a loud one, it works just fine but I definitely can hear the tape wheel up even at 25 percent volume if I loop the tape.