Whats is the best audio cable solution for running OP1 into pedals

What will I get the best results with into standard guitar pedals like moog and pigtronix?

1/8" to 1/4" mono (ts) or 1/8" to 1/4" stereo (trs)?

Anyone go 1/8" stereo Y to two 1/4" to split the outputs, so 1 goes to external fx and the other out stays dry?

I have don the split depends on what you are looking for as an out come. I do this with a drum track on tracks 3&4 hard left and leads and pads hard right then send leads through the bigsky and or the drums through sdd3300.

You don’t want a TS cable. That will basically be shorting the right side output to ground, perhaps damaging the unit.

really… @beefinator I figured that mechanical function would protect the device. That is great to know!

@beefinator you seem to know your circuits.Is it ok to jack both mono and stereo into line in no problem,stereo just mixes to mono?

Yeah, it just sums the left and right sides if you’re putting TRS stereo into it.

On TRS stereo, tip is left, ring is right, and sleeve is ground. So a mono TS cable is like a stereo signal, but the right side is always at 0 (because the sleeve, ground, just extends to where the ring would be).

@dimi3 there’s no mechanical difference between a TS and TRS cable (i.e. a jack could not mechanically tell between the two).
I suppose the output could possibly be designed electrically to handle both stereo and mono cables, but I doubt that, and I don’t think it’s worth the risk to try it out.

Also, you (in many cases) cannot plug a TRS stereo plug into an effects pedal. You know how many pedals are turned on by having a cable inserted into the input jack? That relies on it being a TS plug.
The jack inside is actually a TRS jack. Inside the pedal, the battery (or DC power jack) isn’t directly connected to the circuit. It’s wired to the ring of the input jack, and the sleeve of the jack is connected to ground in the circuit. So when you plug in a TS cable, it shorts the ring and sleeve of the jack, giving power to the circuit.
If you plug in a stereo cable, it’s going to be trying to sink the circuits power through the other device’s right output…

i use the 1/8" TRS to 1/4" TS cables a lot . i’m not a science guy, but they seem to work just fine.

If you mean dual 1/4" TS, then yeah, that’s exactly what you want to use.

if you mean a single TS plug (I don’t think I’ve seen a cable like that) then it’s probably just taking the left signal, and dropping the right altogether.

i use both depending on the situation, but was talking about single 1/4" TS for mono effects pedals.

these ones…http://hosatech.com/product/cmp-100/

it doesn’t sound like the left only to me, and i’ve never experienced any loss or phasing issues.

Hmm, okay. Those kind of cables are meant for going the other way, basically a splitter. I suppose if it works, then it’s fine. But using that kind of cable like that, I would expect stereo interference.

As a test, does it still work properly if things are hardpanned left and right? or if the master L/R levels are unequal?

I say this because if the OP-1 is basically outputting a mono signal (no extreme panning or phase shifting from master effects) then the left and right outputs are basically equivalent, so no harm in shorting them together (as I suspect that cable is doing).
But if they’re not equal (the most extreme example is one side being an exactly inverted version of the other side) then you’re going to get current going between the outputs, as they’re “fighting” over the mono output of the cable.
That cable is just two wires (1/8" tip and ring) connected to one terminal (1/4" tip), and should not properly serve the purpose of a mixer.

i've def used it with some panning w/o any issues

but never hard panning L&R so i'm not sure what happens when u do that.