What's the difference between the Field's tape styles?

What are the differences between the OP-1 Field’s tap styles? The manual doesn’t really give a great explanation and most of them sound the same to me.

They have differences in sound quality and the type of sound artifacts in recordings. To exaggerate the sound artifacts so you can clearly hear what I’m talking about, make a loop and keep recording silence over it. Eventually the artifacts will become very audible.

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Like Austin said they add noise and artefacts during recording.

Some recorder types change behavior of tape tricks. (E.g. on Tape Trick 4 minidisk stops the sound nearly instantly, but continues tracking position, while tapes stop gradually and completely pause playback.)


Also, Minidisk simulation works differently from tape when you rewind it with arrow keys. Instead of accelerating forward or backward it does small jumps.

Also, unlike tapes it allows to scrub backwards during recording using blue encoder creating instant overdubs.