What's the easiest way to get a drum loop into the op-1f and have it in sync with the tape?

It’s a loop from Logic/Garageband so it’s already sliced perfectly ready to repeat.
Here’s what I’ve tried

• recording it from GarageBand into the op-1f via usb-c audio

  • the problem: I can’t get the timing right; when I go to slice the end of it, it always ends up out slightly.

• adding it as a wav file called “track_1” in a tape folder inside the op-1 using mtp. Also tried making the file exactly six minutes long.

  • the problem: the op-1 doesn’t seem to see the file.

• adding it via mtp to the drum sampler

  • problem: it wants to slice it and even when I make it as large as the file itself, it still won’t loop it properly.

• adding it via the synth sampler

  • the problem: the synth sampler cuts it off half way through and repeats from there. No idea why. Probably a restriction on the length .

Even when I;ve got it in there’s also the added problem of trying to match the tempo because I want to be able to shift right arrow through the bars.

Am I overthinking this?

The reason I was trying to do it was because I previously was trying to get a 4/3 grid and that wasn’t working at all. Seems like unless you’re using 4/4 and recording directly onto the op1 from the op1 you may as well ignore the grid?

Which is annoying!

Can someone help?

Your file method should be in .aif

That should work then

The tape method needs to be a 32 bit file. I use audacity to convert files back and forth as Live and Reason can’t read 32 bit or write 32bit.

it’s maddening the op-1 field can do ANY sort of music as long as that music is in 4/4