What's yer all-time top five's today?

Screamadelica-primal scream
Loveless-my bloody valentine
Tago Mago-can
Live in London-judee sill
Have you in my Wilderness-julia holter

Books next?

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Revolver - The Beatles
Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division
Zen Arcade - Hüsker Dü
Psychocandy - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements - Stereolab

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New boxset Revolver? I’m waiting for the price to drop before getting it, looks bloody cool.

JD/NO;total fan. Something cool I came across today, song stems for Crystal via yt (big thanks to Chris). Loaded some up into the sp-16 and within minutes I had a song. Copyright might be a problem but I’m no Barry Summer!
Jamc- honey’s dead, all the way brother x
(Thanks for the Stereolab tip)

Oh, and Husker Du? Beaster, please.

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Link to stems in New Order - Crystal (Full Acapella/Backing Tracks) - YouTube

Sadly Denise J wasn’t on the track.

Always good to see Stereolab getting a mention.

I tend to gravitate towards Emperor Tomato Ketchup and Music for the Amorphous Body Study Centre

Joy Division (and for me early New Order) are on constant rotation.

At the moment I am digging deep into some Japanese Electronic stuff by Yellow Magic Orchestra and Ryuichi Sakamoto (his B2 Unit album is a gem - if you like slightly off the wall electronica).

Oh and the Revolver box set is a thing of beauty (imho) although it was a wallet squeezer to be sure.


I’m gonna wait for the Revolver set to go under £100…no rush. It’s the new Time Out of Mind Box that I’m really buzzed for as I’m a big Bob fan and love that format of his Bootlegs.

Adore this one, cheers for the tip!

Dummy - Portishead

The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol.1&2 - Vv/Aa

Affinità E Divergenze… - CCCP Fedeli Alla Linea

Abbiamo Pazientato 40 Anni:Ora Basta! - Disciplinatha

Disc-riminate - Death in June

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got 3 three to check out there, cheers x

flippin’ fantastic, wild music…
really love this one… CCCP Fedeli alla linea - Curami

(booting up to sample intro bass)

and this seductive beauty…

ta fur the tip!

fckin amazing!!! cheers so much Rumorazzi

this one though…holy smokes, on repeat, baby!

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