What's your current setup and workflow?

Slightly surprised I couldn’t find a thread on this already, as I keep switching around my setup and I’m sure others do too. I’m always convinced that I’ve found the perfect setup and this time is no exception.

So how are you using your gear? I’m especially interested in how you use your OP-Z and/or OP-1 but I’d love to hear your approach no matter what you’re using.

Here’s the creative process I’m currently testing out after picking up a Digitone yesterday:

  1. Make 1-2 loops on the OP-1 mixing recorded instruments and synths/samples
  2. Add basic drums/rhythm on the OP-Z
  3. Compose remaining voices on OP-Z synth tracks using digital piano
  4. Sound design for synth tracks on Digitone

Signal chain:

Zoom R16 (Interface/digital recorder) → OP-1 → Digitone → OP-Z → R16 muted track

I’m using CME WIDI products for MIDI but don’t have it 100% finalized yet.

Currently enjoying a somewhat similar setup - using Digitone for drums and bass, looping guitar parts or other sounds on op1f. Just midi sync over USB, with Digitone as master clock. They’re both on the same BPM even though synced so if I want to change the tempo the op1 just follows at a different tape speed. Super fun once you’ve got a little thing going and can just jam over it with guitar or another synth.

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I have neither. I rearranged my studio last year to be able to connect anything to anything with minimal fuss. I keep OP-1 Field outside of my studio, on my computer desk and occasionally connect it to AUX in of my speakers (Klipsch) for monitoring.

Lately the most fun thing I’ve done is plug OP-1 into OP-1 Field for real-time jamming. That’s a pretty fun and powerful setup, except I’m just using audio cable, so I need to sync tapes and sequencers manually.


I’ve been using OP-1 and Z connected with USB, with midi going from both so they can trigger each other.

A fun way has been OP-1 with the preset volume turned down (only just learned about AudioThrough patch). I have it in sequencer mode using Finger or Pattern to trigger drum hits on the OP-Z.
Then audio out from OP-Z into OP-1 to record to tape. Since the patterns were mostly meant for either OP-1 kits or Synths, there’s been some pretty wacky patterns from OP-Z, where it only triggers one channel at a time.

Having a pattern play on the OP-Z causes every hit to trigger a note on OP-1, which was interesting for layering.

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