What's your favorite reverb effect?

Either in a synth, in a pedal, or in an FX unit. Curious what people use these days and why.

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Definitely not spring, that’s for damn sure.

Hard to say, I haven’t really dabbled a whole lot. I do enjoy my digiverb, it’s got some cool features

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Earthquaker Devices Afterneath V3 is my current favorite.


spring for life
spring for president :stuck_out_tongue:





Only one reply with a pedal? I’m surprised. Considering that OP-1 didn’t have a standard reverb before Field, I’d expect everyone having their own favorites.

I’ve realized the importance of reverb after I played SOMA. The game has an amazing soundtrack and I was inspired to create something similar on OP-1. It was a bit challenging at first, but eventually I managed to replicate most of the core sounds (which, BTW, were partly generated by a modular synth). However, the Spring reverb in OP-1 made my tracks sound quite dull in the end.

Judging by some videos Soma’s composer (Mikko Tarmia used Eventide Space and Strymon Timeline. After watching a video where he demosntrated his process, I ended up bying Strymon BigSky. It was a huge improvement over Spring for my purposes. It also sounds good when used with my Juno Gi instead of build-in reverbs.

Recently, two reverb pedals caught my attention. Strymon NightSky (because of number of parameters) and Golden Reverberator (for sheer sound quality). However, both are quite expensive for what they provide and seem more limited in their palette than traditional multi-algorithm pedals like BigSky, Space or Empress.

Blackhole as a pedal

Alteza or rymdigare on ios

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Interesting coincidence. I just bought Blackhole. Used, they’re only marginally cheaper than Space (which has the same algorithm), but I fugured there is no point of having BigSly and Space.

Overall, I like the sound of Blackhole. Very flexible engine with many parameters and cool character. The physical package is not perfect, though. I would rather have output as a single stereo jack, rather than the input. Not sure why they did it this way. Also, I would much prefer to have delay as a parameter that doesn’t require shifting rather than mod rate (which I only set once when making a preset). But that’s kind of nitpicking.

Eventide Blackhole on IOS or the Drambo Delay Rack

incredible with the power of M1. :owl:

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Plugin = I feel like I’m giving away a secret here but DDMF MagicVerb!

Hardware = 1010music Bluebox & Eventide H9.

Studio Outboard = Bricasti M7

death by audio rooms is an amazing reverb pedal. I don’t have a microcosm but it seems to be able to do some really nice reverb among all its other features

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Empress Reverb and Eventide Space are my favorite.
I can also use some Valhalla SuperMasdive Reverb

DBA rooms and OTO BAM.

the reverbs on the Ensoniq asr10 sampler song beautiful. it can be used as just an effect unit to run a signal through. very smiler to the sound of DP 2/4.

Reverb on m8 and blackbox are both very nice. Reverb on octatrack is poor as people say tho I always feel I should put more time into making it less bad with clever settings.

Vongon ultrasheer is absolutely rich and beautiful.

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Replacing an encoder on BigSky. Hm. Pedal that costs $480 uses plastic rivets for PCB mounting that make this basic operation a finnicky hell. Not cool.

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My answer to this depends on where in the signal chain the reverb is to sit. Generally speaking - after delay I like Octatrack Dark Reverb a lot. Before delay I like OG1 Spring.

Valley Plateau in VCV Rack/miRack is pretty nice as a modulation reverb effect, and it‘s free.