When a button doesn’t work, what do I replace, the UI daughter board, or the whole keyboard?

I just bought the Op-1 original for $800 off someone local. It’s doing great minus the speaker seems to be a little damaged, and the input/mic button doesn’t work. I took off the physical key for the input/mic button and pressed the little jelly button under it, and it still didn’t work, and I even did a key test and it failed. Did a software update, and tried the key test again, and still, the button didn’t work.

So… I went on ifixit.com for answers ( Teenage Engineering OP-1 Parts | iFixit ) <—- for your enjoyment

I see that I can buy the UI daughter board, which seems to be responsible for keyboard actions, and also speaker connection…

My question is… can I get away with replacing the UI daughter board, or should I wait until the keyboard is FINALLY in stock, and just buy a whole new keyboard.

And I probably should buy a speaker as well cause it’s only like $30 lol

Any thoughts? Am I doing this right? Are there better ways to do what I’m doing?

there isn’t a definitive answer really
b/c every issue can be // is unique

if u have a multimeter u could test the physical connection of the button contacts
to see if they are actually connecting or not when u press the key
or u could simulate a button press by connecting a wire or something to the button contacts
and see if u can get it to trigger the function it is supposed to

if thats its then u know its not the other stuff
if thats not it then u know its something else

its basically a game of elimination to help u narrow down the root of the issue

have u tried reseating any of the ribbon cables to see if that is whats causing the problem?
disconnect them and reconnect them and see if theres any change

u could try the UI board now and see if that fixes your problem
while u wait for the keyboard board to (hopefully) come back in stock
by the time the keyboard is back in stock, the UI board could be out of stock

really just depends on where your heads at with all of this
how much time and or money u wanna sink into it.
and how comfortable u are poking around the insides

also those speakers are pretty common off the shelf speakers
u can prolly buy 100 of them for $30

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I haven’t physically opened it up and checked the connections yet, but I definitely will, I have a multimeter as well. I don’t mind spending a little on it to get it running to my liking, also… would you be able to guide me to cheaper speaker option you had mentioned?

This really helps!