When did you get your OP-1?

So they have sold over 15 k units? Gonna check mine when i get home. Got mine second hand and it was purchased 2013-11 by a reseller. When I got mine it did have a faulty bootloader so I had to send mine in for flashing

guys i unfortunately dont have the original box anymore… is there no way to find it from the menus in the machine? thx

0105xx purchase date 2013-03 reseller USB didn’t work and after format it didn’t start, sent it in and they replaced DSP

@nikarga You may try looking at the back of the unit, inside the connector bay behind the small plastic panel.

@punji thanks much appreciated… is it ok to try and prod it out? i suppose with a mini screwdriver but dont want to ruin the body.

you can use a spudger (or a guitar pick or something) to press on the right side edge of the panel, it’ll pop right out. No need to wedge anything under there and pry.

Cleary I must be an idiot. I’ve been trying with my guitar pick with no luck. Am scared to damage it if I use a knife or smthg.

Apologies guys… fixed it, super simple…

For those that are curious:



(reseller) Musician’s Friend
purchased 12/2014

Update 2-17-15:

I returned the unit back to the reseller. No problems. I just ended up replacing it with something more useful for me.

TE002-013479 reseller - West End DJ London - May 2014

Thanks @nikarga @Defectus @quebec88 !

sorry if I wasn’t super-clear @nikarga but glad you got it opened :slight_smile:

@KrisM dont worry about it dude, thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

TE002-014585 - Direct from TE - October 2014

Thanks @duncmc! First post updated.

TE002-013787 08-2014 Dawsons Liverpool (-they opened a fresh account with TE for me ,so everywhere in UK it’s now available).

Thanks @Spheric_El!

07-02-2015. Sn:TE002-016182. Bax shop .nl

Thanks @fallen_lassen!

TE002-015290 Bought new from Perfect Circuit (USA) Feb 3 2015 (as part of Oplab+Case special deal).