When I turn on my OP-1 Built-in speaker makes blip noise.....Help Me


I purchased OP-1 a few days ago.
However, every time I turn on the power, I get a loud noise from the built-in speaker.
And every time I make a USB connection to my computer, I get a loud noise from the built-in speaker.

However, there is no noise when playing a song.
And, when the power is turned on with the USB connected, the speaker does not generate noise.

I am very dizzy because of this problem.
I am afraid my beloved OP-1 might have broken down.
Give me the solution.

P.s1: When I searched Google, [Shift + COM] >> 4 (opt mode) can be used to eliminate ground loop noise. But that did not work for my OP-1.
P.s2: There is one more question. USB charging continues even if disables are applied in opt mode. Why is this?

A very short noise burst at startup is normal.

The OP-1 continues to charge while switched off,with either setting in the Opt page.
Does your internal speaker not work at all?
If so ,then experiment inserting headphones into line out,then removing ,to kick start speaker.
Mine done this at first but quickly recovered .The socket thinks something is plugged so switches off the speaker.