When in Stockholm...

Hi y’all! I brought my op1 with me this time on biz trip to Stockholm and wonder if TE’s showroom offer Beta OS installation. Is the showroom worth visiting?
Also, do you have any recommendations on cool synth shops in town I should visit? Appreciate the help in advance!

I was in Stockholm for work in September before I bought my OP-1. I wanted to test drive one at the showroom but it wasn’t open. Back then it said “flexible hours” (or something like that) but now it looks like by appointment only. https://www.teenageengineering.com/showroom

I at least peered through the window for a bit with some dude from Belgium who was there to test out the POs. Regardless, had a really great time exploring the city.

Hmm i live here in Stockholm. Maybe worth a visit? It’s around a 10 minute train ride to get there :>

Seems like worth a try, you should send them an email and make an appointment.

Thanks guys!

Due to work schedule, I might not be able to make an appointment but this place seems legit: http://www.jam.se/butik/syntotek/

@dustparticle. They’re so sweet at jam. Really nice guys.

…you can start the evening at omnipollos hatt, it´s in södermalm, not so far from the sowroom…great pizza, great beer!