Where can I buy a replacement metal wire folding stand?

Does anyone know if TE sells replacement folding stands for the Pocket Operators?

I sent them a message via their website but they never responded.

Or is there some other retailer/distributor that sells them?

Anyone try buying stainless steel wire and bending one?

Thanks in advance!

i think i have some extras lying around
that i’m not using since i put them in the cases

just checked and def have them still
happy to send one to u

pm me if u are interested

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Thanks! I don’t know how to PM yet. Give me a day to keep searching for my folding stand. I want to make sure it’s really lost and totally gone before I ask for one of yours. I’m hoping it came off in one of my backpacks. I’ll figure out how to PM in the meantime.

Good news! My buddy thinks he found it at his studio. I guess I lost it when I was over there. I’ll pick it up from him next rehearsal.

Thanks very much for offering to send me one.

I’m still kinda curious if there is any source to buy ones, so that the whole community can replace them whenever they’re lost. It’s always good knowing where we can source our own parts like in that other thread that lists the buttons, jacks, and encoders.

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no prob dude
i’m not using it at all so its not a big deal to me
glad u found yours tho

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I have lost I think 2 of mine, if they just lay around and does nothing, that is.

Yeah, TE really needs to sell inexpensive spares.
I’d love to be able to buy a 5-pack of just the wire stands.
Or even better yet, every part individually including the display.

I have measured the thickness of the wire folding stand, and it is 1.2mm thick.

As it happens, I happen to have stainless steel dental wire (used for making dental appliances) that is 1.2mm thick. It is quite easy to buy several meters on ebay for just a few bucks from Chinese sellers.

So I just need to figure out how to bend the two spring coils in a perfectly round 1.2-revolution coil. Then, simply bend the two right angles so that it’s 59.5mm wide and 27.25mm tall (from center of coil), and voila, I have a stand.

I guess I can use a round dowel (wood or metal) to bend the coil. It would probably be 2.75mm in diameter. Bending the coils should be easier if I let the ends be longer, then cut them down after the coils are bent. I’ll use a Dremel to cut them since stainless is quite hard and will ruin my diagonal cutters.

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Check out a coil making kit for vaping @dchang0 they should help with the springs.

Fantastic idea–thanks!
I am having a hard time finding a 2.75mm diameter dowel/rod.
It does seem that there is quite a bit of leeway. From the size of the slots in the PCB edges, I could have gone down to 2mm or up to 3mm without any trouble at all.

The AWG gauge of wire that is closest is 16 gauge, 1.2908mm in diameter.

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It does look like a vaping coil making kit is a requirement. I just tried bending a coil around a screwdriver like the vapers used to do, and the coil ends up egg-shaped.

16ga. is a lot thicker than the thickest vaping wire, though. I am not sure their tools will be able to handle it.