Where can I find Decatora, OP-Z Land videopaks to open in Unity?

Just digging into Unity and I’ve had some fun creating my own videopaks, but I was hoping to open the default videopaks (Decatora, OP-Z Land) to see how their patching is set up. There’s very little info out there so I just wanted to look into these paks and learn by reverse engineering.

For instance I’d really like to know how to change cameras using the op-z’s black keys, like in OP-Z land for 7, 8, 9, and 0. I just can’t find an output in Klak that modifies displays or cameras.

Also I’ve made this Youtube Playlist to show what I’ve looked at (minus any blog/forum posts). Thought I’d share for anybody else getting into this stuff.

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Camera is also the object in unity.
You can manipulate with position and rotation.
Use this structure in klak patcher. Vector can change position, Axis rotation change angle of rotation. In transform out you can choose camera object.


You can have many cameras in project and choose it (switch on/off) with node “bool out”.

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also you can switch entire games objects off with the note input. put your complete scene into an empty game object and switch it with GameObject.SetActive. Make more Note on Event () thingies and deactivate the rest. I found this in another project made by this awesome guy. also very interesting to reverse engineer.



this way you dont need to mess with your camera or angles.