Where did you guys buy your OP-1?

TE? Amazon? Guitar Center? Sam-Ash? and did you buy their warranty? and does it make a difference?

I bought mine at a small local shop, so probably not a good help…


And no I did not buy a warranty. Be advised if you buy from a third party reseller, TE will direct you to them for all warranty claims for the one year warranty that comes with the OP-1.

Direct from TE…three years ago.

Sweetwater, they double the warranty and have freat service

The op-1 is an expensive bit of kit.
Perhaps a bit controversial to say around these parts but as much as I love the op-1 I couldn’t see myself paying full wack for one - especially if I had never owned one before.

There’s always some bargain ones to be had on eBay and in fact they seem to be coming down in price or perhaps popularity so it’s a lot easier these days to grab a bargain.
Yes it’s maybe a gamble as you don’t get a warranty but as long as you ask questions about the device before you buy it that will give peace of mind.

  • how old is the op-1?
  • are you the original owner?
    Would never buy one that’s had more than one owner.

Even if it does end up f*cking up once you have it, surely it’s probably not going to cost the £200 you’ve saved from buying new to get it fixed :wink:

Bought new from New Groove (Italy) one year ago, was a faulty unit, its OS became corrupted from time to time. The entire story was on the old forum. After two times in assistance without any good results I ask them to give me another unit: done.

control voltage portland oregon - neat store nice people

I bought mine at the Moog Music store in Asheville, NC. I did not buy an additional warranty.

They carry other companies instruments there besides Moog, like Elektron, Critter and Guitari, Teenage Engineering, Bleep Labs, and MeeBlip, among others.

Everything is out on the floor along with the Moog synths and gear to play and try out. One of my favorite stores!

sweetwater w/free 2 yr waranty

I bought mine from Musician’s Friend. The first unit had a bad battery. I returned it and they sent me another one. No problems. They were very helpful with the process and I would definitely buy from them again.

Straight from TE when it was first released! :slight_smile:

Got mine from a shop in Manchester (UK) only paid £600 for it, waaay before the price drop - so that was nice =)

In fact, iirc there was a used one going on ebay at the time, that sold for more than I paid for mine - so that was REALLY nice =D

Guitar Center with a 25% off coupon. Definitely the way to go. I did not buy a warranty.