Where do you use the OP-1? Where would you want to use it?

I feel weird sitting at my desk like I’m used to. At my desk, music becomes “work” even though I’m a hobbyist.

Where is your favourite spot? Where would you like to use it if you could, now that summer is nigh?

Places where I have played with my OP-1 are desk, train, work, airplane, uni, parks, in the wild, toilet, neighbors, boat, bridges, library and other public places, chemical lab, garden party and a tree.

Where I would like to are: on a mountain top, on a festival, on a street corner in Tokyo, in a redwood tree, in the jungle.

This summer I might end up making music on a cell tower :smiley:

My OP-1 is the polar opposite to the studio…almost any where but there. The lab is for dumping, enhancing, and mixing


The real question is : “where DON’T you use your OP-1 ?”


Anywhere really! On the couch, in bed, outside, on the train…

I was so happy to have my OP-1when my son was at the hospital a month ago, I could play it seated in the chair next to his bed with the small speaker. He loved it!

mostly on my couch, so I can look at the other instruments from far :wink:

I want to get a waterproof case for mine!

Summer is for Swimming.

i like analog four more because sound nice than op-1 i think

but op-1 can use anywhere and as a midi control
i use op1 on the car,train,airplane,but not at home.
i don’t know why
just feel not right

I play it in the garage, at my desk in between rounds of CS:GO (sorry for going AFK!), in my friend’s living room, and sometimes at work if I’m frisky with the OP 1. But I work in a casino so I only get 20 minute breaks and there’s always random people coming up asking what it is when I just want to play it to get away from work.

have you used the FM radio of the op-1 on an airplane? Could you?

I’ve tried using the FM radio in the air but got nothing. Was a nice source of white noise though!

If you were hoping to pick up chatter from the pit then pretty sure they use frequencies way out of the commercial FM radio spectrum. Also they don’t really talk much in flight either, if at all.

I was actually wondering if fm radio devices are even ok to use at all, I’m leaving tomorrow and had planned to work on song things on op 1 and an iPad on the plane.

I’ve used mine a lot walking the streets, on planes, busses, in the car, hiking, on a cruise ship (musician lief). I love it, but I also am working on incorporating it into my live setup. Excited to get it cranking, and can’t wait to share the results with y’all.