where to buy new unit in Europe

Hi all, I was lucky to buy an Op1 in June but unfortunately it had a defective keyboard so I had to return it.

Since then I wasn’t able to find a place where to buy a new unit.

Thomann told me he was going to get some units by the end of July then they told me it was end of August but TE is unaware of those dates so it kinda seems like Thomann is telling me a generic date in the future that is going to change.

Does anyone have ideas about why the production is stopped and where to buy a unit with a decent two year warranty?

From what Tobias mentioned in another thread, the problem is with the lead time for some electronic components used in the OP-1, most likely older or discontinued ones.


Try studiocare.com: https://www.studiocare.com/teenage-engineering-op-1-portable-synthesizer.html

I got mine there pretty quick, shipping is fast. I don’t know about the stock accuracy, maybe I was lucky…