Where to get op1 repaired (uk, or how to do it internationally)

Regrettably, my darling has died. The headphone jack has come lose in the machine and now the speakers aren’t working, and you can’t plug headphones in, so it makes no noise. Everything works fine apart from the fact that there is no sound.

It is still under warranty (purchased less than a year ago) but I don’t mind paying (so long as it isn’t TOO much) to get it repaired. Problem is I don’t know where to repair it! I’ve emailed TE support but they haven’t responded (yet), and I really don’t want to be void of my op1 for weeks and weeks, but I think I may be. I’ve looked everywhere but I just can’t find anywhere or anyone that repairs op1s! I really don’t want to have to do it myself, because I’m not very good with fidgety electronic things, but I’ll have to if it’s the only option I have to fix the thing, otherwise it’s just a brick!

Does anybody know where you get it repaired either in the uk or if I have to send it somewhere else, where that is? Would really appreciate it.

I feel your pain, Gabriel! Your best bet is TE. They will reply, I’m sure. I needed to send mine back to them and they turned round the repair quickly.

Well if the fault is not covered by the warranty then you can buy a new output PCB from ifixit, here:


It is a very simple fix, buy the kit with the tools as it makes it very simple. Basically pry off the small white cover, remove a few screws, lift out old board, disconnect ribbon, then connect ribbon to new board, replace screws, replace cover, done, takes max 5 minutes.

Okay @5StarNomad, I’ll wait and see. And thanks so much @darenager!!! That will help a lot if it comes to it!