Where to post music for others to listen to?

Hey guys,

Sorry, this question is not related to OP-1 specifically, more to any songwriters out there.

Where is the best place to post your music and to connect with other musos? I remember soundcloud being good, but lately seems like no one is using it.


Maybe a different style than you’re looking for, but I’ve been enjoying Instagram. Not for finished stuff, but that’s ok for me—just sharing sketches I particularly like, even though I rarely “finish” things.

There’s a lot of people doing similar there

i don’t think soundlcoud is dead per se. But i think places like spotify and pandora make it so easy to zone out and let someone else pick songs that the UI of soundloud became a lot less appealing.
It’s weird nowadays. I mean, lil nas x blew up on Tik Tok so like… anythings possible i guess!
beefinator has a point with IG. It’s great way to share beats, jams and sketches of things your working on. And theres always youtube i guess

Hey guys thanks for commenting! Yea I might give those areas a go. My main point for uploading songs is to get feedback on what I could improve on, which is why I liked soundcloud. I might try insta and see how that works. Thanks!