Where to publish songs?

I noticed that SoundCloud is popular. What other good choices have you come across? Pros and cons?

For a while, I just put my stuff on Soundcloud. Now I also put it up on Bandcamp and Audius, as well as add links on Ello and Facebook as well as Twitter.

But everybody’s different.

For proper releases, I’m looking at CDBaby and DistroKid - that’d put them everywhere, like Apple Music and Spotify etc. I haven’t decided for that yet. Looking forward to more opinions.

I’ve been using CDBaby in a limited way. Basically you can get a single track on many streaming sites for $15 per track. Also deals for albums but those are more pricey. I prefer Bandcamp to be honest, and so I’ve put out a “B side” for each song which is only on Bandcamp, and only released the “A side” with CDBaby. It’s cheaper that way too :slight_smile:

I think most online distributors require an annual payment rather than one-off fee per track, that’s what I like about CDBaby is that it’s one-off.

i use bandcamp (and the ‘name-your-price’ (including free) feature for downloading). recommended!

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