Which midi pad controller?

I’m looking for a pad controller that can be connected via oplab (or similar) to play with drumkits, any advice?

What is your budget? At the high end I would recommend the Akai MPD232. The 216 also is a more affordable option. You could also check out the Keith McMillan Quneo and the Arturia Beat Step.

@Virtual_Flannel money is not a problem, I need a controller without unnecessary knobs/sliders/buttons, only pads.

The choice is between Akai MPD18 (ideal but ehm…ugly) and 218 (has 6 useless knobs). Think I’ll go with the 218.
Thanks anyway.

Yup if you don’t want any controls, just pads, 218 is the way to go!

Mpd26 is being blown out for $99 on amazon

QuNeo is cool and can expand to a 8 x 8 matrix if you use corners…

+1 for the quNeo!.. most versatile config software I reckon. and should you change your mind and need a slider - it has a bunch of ribbons. definitely the smallest footprint I’d say

Yesterday I tried “Melodics” Rockband-like game with the QuNeo plugged into the MBP : I really love how the pads react to my hitting, it’s way more usable than Elektron AR !!

I’ve never tried a MPC though, so I don’t know how it compares.
But it’s light, same dimensions as an iPad, and very robust.

There’s always the Livid Minim when it launches, but if it was my money right now I’d go the Quneo for configurability and portability.

I just got a Novation Circuit. It should do it. I just plugged it into a few things like Mac/Abelton, Reason and Analog Four and it worked. As a bonus, you get a nice standalone instrument to jam with your OP-1!

not to derail, but how is the novation? i like standalone jawns. prob wait for the flips on it tho if i get it at all

Just getting to look at it. Very fun jamming like ableton with sessions…but standalone. Sounds aren’t very deep compared to the op-1. Well, none of it is as deep as the op-1. Tons of fun though.

Came across this little beaut! Check it out me ol' hearty!

I fell in love with arcade style buttons. There are two types available, both are neat; however, one has more control. The fact that you can effect midi with plugin FX on the fly really and the clever way it has been implemented floats my Darxxxenius boat.
I got you on this one, so go get a towel before you watch ... 'cuz it's laid out like that!