Which other devices use analog clock?

I’m synching a number of devices with the op-z. Currently I’ve used POs, Volcas and the Korg NTS-1. They are reliable, in that they seem to follow the clock well, and only rarely skip steps.
What other gear is reliable with this type of clock? I have a guitar student, and we are exploring this together, but I’m keen to be broader in the scope of manufacturers. Just suggestions for now.
Yesterday we tried to run other gear, including Roland, but there were issues. It seems different shapes of pulse suit different manufacturers. Is that correct?
Help appreciated.

i dont think its really the shape that affects the sync
its more the volume of the pulse itself.
some need a louder pulse to trigger
while others don’t send out a hot enough pulse (POs, OP1 for instance)

gameboys running nanoloop and lsdj can use hte analog sync

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Semi-modular Moog gear uses this, Modal Electronics current products as well.
I’ve tried it with Ableton Live 11 beta following a Pocket Operator and it works

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There can be some different shapes and height/voltage, but most of the time it’s the frequency that is the key.

The KEYSTEP supports 5 different Analog clock rates:

  • 1 PULSE (KORG)
  • 24 PPQ (Pulses per quarter note)
  • 48 PPQ

Korg *tribe/Volcas/SQ/*logue series need 1 pulse per two steps, and this (messed up) “standard” was chosen for Pocket Operators.
Check this discussion for more insight.

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That’s a really interesting thread.
I suppose that means, then, that trying to synch other 8 pin midi devices with a Korg compatible clock doesn’t really make sense. That’s why some of the gear we plugged in the other day got confused.

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I just finished a track where I recorded the clock signal of the po33 on track 4 of a portastudio414 Cassette 4-Track. I then managed to sync my Arturia Microfreak to it, which triggered the po33 through the clock out. I had to play with the volume of the audio clock as well as the sync/tempo settings of the microfreak preset to get a faster 1/16 arp to work.

You can listen to it over here: