Which synth am I using?!

Hi! New op1 user here and relatively new to synths overall. One thing I can’t figure out is how to remember which synth I am using after I start messing around with it. For example, if I select “3” on the synth setting and start messing around with it, I can’t remember after playing with all the LFOs and FX which synth “track” (wrong word, sorry) I’m on. So I guess and then lose all my settings when I go back to it because I inevitably end up hitting the “2” or something else instead of the one I was on. Thanks for any help!

‘‘shift and synth’’ button will reset your synth slot to default or the last saved state.

First push the synth button and next pust the textballoon button.

You shouldn’t be losing any settings when you switch from one synth slot to another and back?

All 8 stay persistent (you can save them for if you want to replace one and recall it later)