White/No screen after update

Hi Everyone!

After thinking about it for 8 years, i finally took the plunge and bought an op-1 one month ago, brand new from Teenage’s website (so it’s the “new” one). I’ve used it every day since and enjoyed every second of use, until today when i decided to plug it into my mac for the first time to drag over some files. I also updated the software (without checking if i even had to, silly me) and it all went well until i restarted the device. The whole screen went white, the black, then nothing. I quickly discovered that the rest of the synth was working like it used to, with sound and everything. Since then, I’ve tried updating it again, reset to factory settings, formatting it, and also installing a late update and then the new one again with no results, just the same what screen and then nothing on it. It was clear to me that the OS is unstable as shit from the beginning, but i wouldn’t expect it to happen so soon. I’ve searched the whole wide web for someone with the same problem but haven’t found one.

Anyone of you guys who knows a fix to this? I’m praying over here that i won’t have to send it back.


have you tried a reset or hardwaretest? try holding the com key while switching it on.