Who is using the OP-Z/AUM workflow?

Just curious. When I got OP-Z last year it seemed obvious that an iPad with AUM made it so the OP-Z could be the perfect hardware controller for iPad synths, but I’ve only set it up a few times. Is that anyone’s daily driver?

I went through the trouble to make a template a while back — 8 MIDI tracks with an assortment of plugins, plus stereo audio from the OP-Z. Now I think you could even create an effects send and get the Tape track processing audio from your AUs, although there might be feedback concerns if you’re also using the OP-Z to make sounds.

Anyway, it was a LOT of hassle to troubleshoot and then Atom2 came out. My main OP-Z workflow is entirely in-the box and I’m happy that way!

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Yeah it sounds like you went further down that road than I did and it stayed the same the whole way. I got Atom2 on sale, I’ll check it out, thanks!

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Hi! I tried to use OP-Z With AUM. Just started with OP-Z - ch8 sending midi to AUM/Model D and all other tracks play on OP-Z. All sound ok as long as I listen from OP-Z audio out… without AUM getting my OP-Z tracks. Once I try to send op-z tracks to AUM I get phasing issues… Tried Shift+3 just to get usb audio from AUM, made separate bus for MODEL D & OP-Z so all combined goes out to OP-Z master but still feedback issue… and it is killing… wanted to record nice synth + OP-Z to iPhone, but looks like it does not work… Read some topics from 2019 about connect/disconnect earphones if monitoring from iPhone or use screen +3 for usb audio, but nothing helped me… May be this firmware does not support such workflow properly… or there is some other way… No idea??! Spent few days- reading/watching…Any advice would be appreciated!! How to use iOS synth with OP-Z beats & OP-Z midi to that synth and save the result in AUM.

Yes, I use it all the time. AUM is my jam and love using it to route all midi with a mio xl and tascam model 12. AUM has been solid when using op-z (with a hub) and even allows you to monitor your op-z through fx on the ipad and back out a separate headphone without an audio interface (plug in the z c2c) once loaded into aum plug usb phones or an adapter into a hub and it’s the one device that allows a different in / out scenario on the ipad. Look for me on facebook or youtube “michael nervous” I don’t come here that often anymore.

Got an OP-Z recently to accompany my ipad pro which I got purely for mobile music making. I also plug in OP-Z first through a powered hub but then enable my mcmillen k-mix as the sound interface for the ipad, as the ipad automatically switches to the last detected interface. Then I use the audio out from OP-Z to the k-mix. Indeed USB hum can occur in this setup but disabling the charging on OP-Z fixes that. To allow the OP-Z as clock master I load AUM into Audiobus 3 which allows midi clock in from OP-Z and then syncs AUM as well.

It would be nice if a future OP-Z firmware update allows some flexibility as a sound interface. For instance use it as an external USB sound source but not as target interface.

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I almost exclusively use the OPZ only with AUM now as it is the most portable solution in my opinion. I was using it with the iPad but next time I travel I will pair it only with the phone.

My last jam with it:


Just an FYI. I found out that by using the “MONITOR MODE” (shift+0 on the I/O page) the output is routed to USB/AUM input and NOT to the line out of OPZ. Line out is now AUM output only thus allowing sound processing in AUM. Be aware that the input levels are much higher and don’t appear to be routed through the I/O effects on OPZ anymore. Shift+0 on I/O only becomes available when USB is connected.

Some further info about “MONITOR MODE” You will have to make sure the yellow fader (in the app) on the mixer page is at 0 (muting doesn’t work). If you don’t then using op-z as both input and output will get duplicate signals but slightly delayed due to latency, which sounds really weird.

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