Who needs Modular Synths?

A great video from Native Instruments showcasing the new REAKTOR and BLOCKS as well as integrating it with hardware.


Just purchased reaktor 6 upgrade tonight, i’m looking forward to getting stuck into this!

hopefully it satisfies any modular urges to stop me venturing down that expensive rabbit hole spending hundreds if not thousands of pounds just to get some experimental bleep bloop bleep sounds :wink:

I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen and heard from Reaktor 6, it makes a lot of sense to me. I bought Max for Cats for Ableton a while back which is similar in some ways but I think Reaktor is levels above. Looks like a lot of fun!

While mighty impressive, what find most annoying to these virtual modular setups is that you don’t have the tactile controls. And even if you map a hardware controller to it, I still get confused about what hw knob is mapped to which virtual knob… That’s the dealbreaker for me…

^^ Get a BCR2000 and lots of stickers!

well since ive been DIYing my own EURO Modular. Id say me. I need a modular. This is a very interesting update to reaktor! i look forward to using it. The clock output seems most interesting as I can link a computer to my euro. Plus Ive yet to build a Clock source or a multiplier/divider. With the launch of the Raspberry Pi Zero and the Chip (http://non.tuxfamily.org/) Im contemplating itnegrating one of these mini computers into my Euro. For master recording. But now im interesting in digital control sources for euro! thanks.

BCR2000’s rock! I used to have one years ago and surprised to see they are still around and going strong!

Lots and lots of hands-on controls, the only drawback is that it’s pretty hefty and needs it’s own power source.
When I had mine I used to dream of swapping it for a Livid Instruments Code but they were (and still are) mighty expensive.

Hey Space, I dove into eurorack earlier this year thanks to some encouragement from us operator folks. It’s a big reason why I haven’t been around lately too. It certainly is an abyss of a money hole - I haven’t spent this much money on music gear before. Definitely had to sell and trade up things.

Give the Modular app a try if you haven’t allready, and for fun, watch I dream of Wires.

Love the possibilities of modular concept software, especially when they can integrate with hardware, but I gotta tell ya how fun and incredibly satisfying it is to physically patch cables into modules. The flashing LEDs, the pops and clicks of voltages, the random burts of amplitude - you can hear the electricity trying to communicate with you and then you start to understand and appreciate the beginning of it all :slight_smile:

Ok back to patching, see you guys in a month.