Whooooaaaa I just discovered the potential of MIDI LFO

Never used the MIDI LFO before, and then it occurred to me (after reading the thread about vol automation) how wild this can actually go… It’s like having a 4 way modulation matrix! Damn I wish the OP1 could interface with gear without a host. Maybe I’ll need the OPZ after all…

HAHA! The gift that keeps on giving!

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m nabbing an OPZ.

wish it wasn’t so buggy - ranges different on every engine and generally this strange ux it has

Monomachine + Oplab + OP-1’s MIDI LFO = Heaven.

Monomachine’s MIDI channels can be configured with only 4 CCs each - but that maps so well to the OP-1’s CC 1-4. I love combining the two, using the Monomachine’s sequencer and p-lock features to trigger some of the OP-1’s unique engines like Pluck.

Four years old now, but still pretty cool

I think this app will work with the CCK and the OP-1 directly:


I just hooked it up to Cubasis on my iPad and you can use the automation tracks to control all four MIDIs at once.

Also, if you set the OP-1’s BPM to sync, you can start and stop the OP-1 with Cubasis as well. I hooked it up via the CCK directly to the OP-1 with the OP-1’s USB cable.

One thing I did find using the lightning to usb connector… You need to turn off USB power (shift COM, select 4 for Opt mode, turn the blue encoder until it shows usb charging off) or the OP-1 will try to charge from the iPad and you’ll get a message saying the “attached accessory uses too much power” which then disconnects the OP-1.