Why is OP-1 sending a continuous stream of F8 over midi when in normal mode


Have just bought an OP-1, for use in combination with Notch (live video performance tool). When I set the COM mode to CTRL, I get a normal midi signal for every key I press. But when I set it to OP-1 mode in the COM menu, I get a constant stream of F8 on channel 0. It also sends trough all the pressed keys but the stream of F8 is messing up my system.

i believe I have had it working on OP-1 mode but since a couple of days I can’t get it to act normal.

Anybody know what could be wrong?



F8 is the MIDI Clock message
i’m not sure if u can turn it off but if u can its in the BPM menu settings
i think if u set it to free mode it stops sending clock
u could also try to filter it out downstream or have the downstream device(s) ignore clock messages

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Thx! Will try that! Appreciate it!!

Had the BPM setting on BEAT MATCH, that and PO SYNC will send out the clock signals, so using any of the other settings works for me!

Thx again!

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Good to know!