Why OP-1 is THE essential desert island synth

  • It runs on batteries, duh!
    - It has a calendar and a clock. You will know how long you’ve been stranded.
    - It has a microphone. You can use it to record a diary, then store each entry as a sample. All entries will be helpfully time-stamped.
    - It has a radio. If you’re lucky, you might pick up some station that will help you keep your sanity.
    - If you have a solar panel to keep it running all the time, you could wire G Element to act as an alarm. It would make noise if disturbed.
    - It’s probably the only synth that has both the shape and the sturdiness to be used as a fairly practical weapon.
    - You could play Chop Lifter when you’re bored.

    Case closed.

    Okay, this might be not the most high-value post on this forum, but I’m sending it anyway.

Agree wholeheartedly with everything you say. Time for another glass of wine. Cheers! :slight_smile:

And you can also draw a map of the island on it and keep it safe for further improvements.

When you inevitably go insane, you can turn the crank and pretend you are powering your dwindling thought process.

I think that playing through speakers could attract animals. You wouldn’t be hungry unless you’re vege :slight_smile: