:: Wigglers, a Modular Eurorack mount PO-12 ::


Are there others yet? If not, let’s harass Aman ( link )!!

That is all.

whilst that is actually pretty damn cool, it seems a bit pointless without adding cv inputs to actually allow you to interact with the PO beyond running signal through it…

I think someone did something just because they can, and didn’t stop to think if they should :smiley:

I just want more things racked to streamline things - I know it would be a stupid way of killing hp, but I’ve got to kill a cell 90 case and I feel like I’d use my PO-12 more often that way. Otherwise, it’s been neglected :/.

Here’s mine. Enjoying having it in the rack. Will hook up the 4 separate sockets today so I can sync.


@robman’s panel takes up less space and I like the layout of the jacks better.

And I just realised that’s an iDevice next to it. Amazing :smiley:

Oh my god, these are all really cool!

Thanks for the kind words. Although mine is narrower, I had to shave about 1.5mm off the height to get it to fit within my rails. I tried to take it off the jacks, but couldn’t, so I took it off the bottom of the PO-14 (you can see that in the large image). I also just soldered up the jacks and found although they work fine, the PO-14 must have a plug in each jack for it to be recognised (presumably it uses the switch of the jacks). I could probably fix that but I don’t want to permanently change the PO-14 (the mod uses connectors so is removable). I just found some old cheap earbuds with right-angled 3.5mm plugs in a box somewhere, so I chopped those off and it works just fine with them plugged in. Successfully tested clocked from, and clocking, my Volca Bass from the new jacks. Very pleased!

@KrisM The panel next to it is indeed an iPhone 4s. Currently linked to my DAW for MIDI and 4 channel audio using the USB/Sync cable and MusicIO vst plugin (pretty cool but limited to 44.1khz on windows at the moment). That keeps it charged up too. The jacks on the panel will be to break out the analog audio in/out from the headphone jack on the 4s. Haven’t decided whether to put a button in the button hole yet. I have the laser cut piece from the hole, but I’ve been using it with a little stylus and it works great. The knobs are for an arduino MIDI controller, but currently don’t do anything :o)