Will iConnectMIDI4+ and Oplab work well together?

The Oplab has been the central nervous system of my setup for the last few moths. I’ve generally used it in ‘single source’ mode with either the OP-1 or iPad as controller, connecting to USB-MIDI instruments, regular MIDI instruments, my little Modular setup, and to volcas/pocket operators with the SyncLab board add-on.

But my setup is about to get more complicated with the addition of a Machinedrum and Future Retro Zillion, for starters; and I have my eye on some other synths that would be well served by either USB MIDI (or plain MIDI) but don’t have MIDI-Thru for easy daisy chaining and I’m out of ports on the Oplab.

The iConnectMIDI4+ has been brought to my attention. It looks like it provides what I need: Midi Merge functionality, more empty MIDI ports, and the ability to connect to a powered USB Hub to connect to multiple USB MIDI devices.

I imagine it should be no problem to connect the Oplab and iConnectMIDI4+ together, right? So I can preserve the SyncLab and CV capabilities, and keep some of my current USB MIDI connections until I really need a powered hub?

Does anyone use this setup? Is there any preferred connection method? (USB Host on iConnect -> Oplab? Vice versa? Use a MIDI In/Out pair between the two?)

Is there any other device I should be considering? I kindof need both a MIDI Merge and a MIDI Thru box and it looks like the iConnect can be configured for both, at least from the marketing material.

No one?

My Oplab is full. I need basically an expansion port. I’m not that bright when it comes to MIDI interconnectivity. I had just sworn off modular because I’m out of expansion space and now I’m feeling like I’m running into the same wall with my outboard gear :slight_smile:

I don’t need any huge MIDI patchbay or anything, just want to add more ports to the Oplab and ensure things can inter-communicate (ie - that I can switch between the iPad as the main clock and sequencer for some things, the MachineDrum for others, and Zillion for still others, while communicating with DIN MIDI, USB MIDI, CV, and Korg Sync).

iConnectMIDI4+ is a beast.

You can redirect ports, thus doing all you can need in term of MIDI routing.
You can even plug an iPad to it, which is cool :slight_smile:

With the iConnect4+, you get 4 MIDI DIN port, but a shitload of USB ports, so it’s cool to have a USB hub with it. I have a 7-port USB hub and it’s very handy.

You can even plug it to your computer’s Ethernet port, which is interesting if you want to save your computer’s USB ports for other machines.
You can’t go wrong with it !

I would plug OPLab to iConnect4+ and make the last one the mastermind, if needed. But I don’t know OPLab much.
There’s no way this can’t work.

Agreed with @LyingDalai ,its an absolute midi monster, eating midi setups in one gulp.
A bit complex on initial contact- it is a big virtual patch bay ,but once configured its solid.It may even work as factory set for you, just plug and play.The website recommends chaining two together,so yeh you should be fine.
I don’t think I’ll use every function/port in a life time.

Thanks! I think this device is what I need.

Heck, I may not even need the Oplab much longer as I’m considering getting out of Eurorack altogether for a world of Elektrons and Evolvers and Volcas and OP-1s and Waldorf’s Square Things… maybe… :slight_smile:

Hey @jshell, have you experimented with that configuration in the end?

I’m thinking of a similar setup as you’ve described, I want to use oplab as a cv-to-midi converter from my a4 to evolver and already have iconnect4+ taking care of many other duties in my setup. I was wondering if you had any issues making them work together, if some combination (usb out vs midi out) weren’t working fine?

Thanks for any cues :slight_smile:

@johngredin I’ve used it a little bit… But my mIO4 and Oplab haven’t been used that much lately. My setup has been a lot of Machinedrum/Octatrack/Monomachine talking to each other.

I have done a little bit of setup with Oplab and mIO4 (a slightly different variation of iConnectMidi4+), using sometimes using it to connect the OP-1 to the Elektrons. I don’t recall there being any problems. I haven’t done anything with CV yet though. I imagine that the worst things could get would be a lot of cross-chatter? I know the iConnect stuff can be configured in a lot of different ways to better streamline communications but since I don’t have a really stable setup yet, I haven’t dug into that and just kind of use the ‘mass midi merge’ functionality.

I’ve also used the Oplab and mIO4 with the Synclab add-on board to sync Volcas. Elektrons into mIO4; mIO4 connected to Oplab by USB. Seemed to work OK.

Cool, thanks for confirming, I’ve bought it in the meantime, you’re taking away some of my fears.

Does anybody know if the iconnectmidi works with the cvpal USB and the op1?

Does anybody know if the iconnectmidi works with the cvpal USB and the op1?

Don’t know for sure, but I don’t see any reason it shouldn’t. The CVpal is USB Class Compliant, as far as I have seen.