Will moving synth engines mess with restoring old tracks?

If I switch around the order of the synth engines (via the app) will that mess with previously backed up projects when I go to restore? Like it won’t start playing “Saw” in place of “Uranus” if I swap those, right?

I feel like the answer is pretty obviously no, but also rather be sure than have to deal with that mess.

[i just backed up two dozen songs that were spread over those 10 projects. Cleared the slate, and starting from scratch, want to rearrange the engines and my sample banks to fit my brain, but it’s not that important if it’ll make restoring the old projects a pain.]

Thanks in advance!

Yes it will mess stuff up. If you had a project that used saw, you backed it up, then replaced or swapped saw with Uranus, then restored your project folder it would use the Uranus engine instead of the saw.

The whole file system is so tiny that I back up everything. If I want to restore a project I restore everything that I had set up exactly the way it was set up when I made the backup. My op-z backup folder looks like an apple time machine with dated folders. Inside each folder has a complete snapshot of the op-z as of that date.