Will ‘original’ OP-1 be discontinued then?

So with the new Field OP-1 happening, presumably they’ll stop making the original one?

One possibility, perhaps wishful thinking, is that, Field is the premium versions of everything. And down the track they release ‘standard’ versions. Same software, same layout, different case, cheaper price. They are selling the original but I think it’s days are numbered. They want to move to a more modern, extendable, supportable, software platform I imagined.

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They’ve increase the price of the OG. Last week I checked and costed 1250€. Today it costs 1400€.

I got the impression they’re going to do something with it. It seemed like Tobias was about to make an announcement during the Superbooth 22 first look video, but caught himself because he realized he shouldn’t say anything about it yet (around the 40:40 mark). That’s what I thought anyway.

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If they just gave it usb-c they could keep it will into the future.

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I’m considering ing adding usb c and fm to my spare connector board

I heard they are going to phase it out eventually

I don’t know what you mean- the current usb connection won’t work after some time?

If they phase out the original then there’ll be scarcity and potentially the second hand value of the original will stay strong. I know there’s a new one now, but the price difference is so enormous that I think there’ll always be people wanting to buy the original.

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RIP one and only. It’s time for you to go to vintage heaven…

Hopefully someday we’ll get a true successor - the OP-2.

Been posted a few times now, rumors are not confirmed

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i wrote to TE, asking for clarification on the og-1 availability going forward. i’ve yet to hear back, but will update here if/when i do.


Good idea

I do think it make sense that they would like to focus on the new product, especially if they really are having problems sourcing components.

OG FOREVER :infinity:


I just wish we could swap the OP-1F motherboard into the OG-1 body; I love the look of the OG over the OP-F :frowning:


I think except for the look which is subjective (BTW I like the OG design much better than the Field) what really sets the original OP-1 apart is the sound character, that lo-fi juicy sound that feels like an endless sweetspot for happy accidents.
I have no doubt that once the replacement parts will get harder to get and more expensive (which is already happening now), the used prices of the original OP-1 will follow, but even then if you are lucky enough to own a working unit and enjoy it, most likely you’ll never let it go!


i heard back from TE.

basically no new info. supply issues make the future of og-1 uncertain, but there is currently stock.