Will the op-z have Bluetooth midi?

I know there’s Bluetooth for audio, but what about wireless midi? Anybody know anything?

don’t know, but that would make it a reallllllllly powerful iOS controller

Holy cow, ableton link plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Bluetooth midi is cool, i’m sure it will have that function, please note that the latency is pretty high on blu midi. Fun to use though. Maybe because it is bluetooth 5 the latency is workable for live? Of course your other device will need the latest Bluetooth hardware for it to benifit.

Bluetooth midi has much better latency than Bluetooth audio in my experience.

bluetooth 5 is faster than 4.2 but since BT 5 is a hardware upgrade the device you use in conjunction with the OP-Z with will need BT5 installed. Still latency will be present for midi operation.