Will the SQ1 sync to the OP1 directly?

And is it possible to use the sq1 sync out to sync a modular with the op1 as a master?

It tried to connect the op1 sync out directly to the modular, but I think it is too quiet to work.

It worked for me plugging it into the trig function of maths.

If a sync out doesn’t drive your modular try running it through an amp with more than unity gain (I use RYO AmpMix). Or maybe an inverter.

Regarding syncing with OP1, you would need to go through up to 2 USB hosts (OP1 to USB host to USB host to SQ1 or OP1 to computer to SQ1). The OP1 can’t receive analog sync.

Yes. Op1 is master. Got it working with the mutable ears as a preamp. I will try also the maths