Win an OP-1

i look forward to actually seeing this movie! love scifi!

I recommend it! It’s really good. It’s dark, twisted and very funny at the same time.

But I’m a bit biased since it’s a friend of mine who made it :slight_smile:

Wowza, this looks like a fun one! Fun on the outside, but with deeper intentions. When, where, and how can I watch this? I’m in Cali.

I’m so lazy…

But I wanna watch the movie!

The film should be available on iTunes, Amazon (DVD and Instant Video), Blockbuster, Sony, Vudu, Xbox, Google Play etc.

It has gotten really good reviews :slight_smile:

I remember seeing the initial trailer back on ohpeewon I think.

Great to see this film doing so well!

LFO as a movie star !!!

Love the idea.

I will definitely go and see this movie :slight_smile:

Twin !!


… by creating a sound track for the LFO movie, details in the link below.

No moar twins. Threads merged :wink:

I don’t get it, the movie would be already history ??

“In April 2014 MPI Media Group announced that it had acquired U.S. distribution and international sales rights to LFO under their Dark Sky Films banner.” says Wikipedia
"LFO is available to watch on VOD, digital platforms, and on DVD from Oct. 28" (

Makes more sense.

Fact to know : LFO was shot in only ten days.


Tonight 11pm EST is the last time to post your contribution for #LFOtheMovieContest

Here is my contribution (OP-1 + Live 8).

That was really much fun to work on this project, first time I ended putting music on a video, finding its inner rythm…
I messed up with the warping of the video, I put the music on half speed and noticed it only when posting the final result.
So I stretched it back a bit, but couldn’t get back to initial speed.

Enjoy + comment :slight_smile:

@LyingDalai , I have listened to pretty much all entries. Yours is the best one. Maybe not to my taste and maybe not a musical masterpiece but it ABSOLUTELY fits PERFECTLY. The timing and the chosen instruments and the way you have fit them to the video, it really made me watch the trailer and FEEL the atmosphere by hearing it. With almost all trailers I skipped, but yours kept my interest. I got this eerie feeling and kind of a morbid curiosity with your music, I just had to watch the entire thing.
I hope you win, you deserve it.

Did anyone else enter?

here is mine:

@Erhenius you words go to my heart, thank you.

As I said bellow the video (please check it @aswefallintostatic) I am pleased you were moved by my sounds. I do believe it’s what music is about.

Most of the sounds were created with the OP-1 in a few hours, so far I had only tried to synthesize nice sounds but ugly is so easy with OP ^^
Then I spent hours by dozens to fix the mess in Ableton…

Creating music for a video is truly an amazing experience : you HAVE to create outside patterns/repetition, and it’s funny to play hide and seek with the video’s inner rythm…
I had much fun, and look forward to doing it again !
But it’s right that the theme was very inspiring, and the OP-1 quite the tool for this.

Here is mine, all sounds are from the Elektron Analog Four only.

@djd_oz I’m impressed by the sounds, I can see now why so many people are so psyched by this machine ^^