Windows 10 no OP-1 in DISK Mode

Hey guys

the title says already everything. My beloved OP-1 doesn’t show up when I connect it to my desktop computer running Win10.

reboot both
different cables
check in the hardware manager

no sign of the DISK to download my funky beats…
any idea? Thanks!

I’ll try tonight and report back. I haven’t actually tried to connect my OP-1 to my Windows 10 machine

I just braved the currents of Windows to test it. It works fine for me. The OP-1 shows up in Explorer. I’m running Window 10.

I’ll try Win7 @ my office today. Just to see if the op-1’s usb is ok. Charging was never a problem.

Nothing at all happens. Sigh. Didn’t even hear Windows make that bloopy sound it does when a USB device is connected. It just does nothing.


If I plug it in then turn it on, it makes the sound, but then nothing happened at first when I went into disk mode other than making the disconnect sound. So I did it again, and waited maybe 15-20 seconds, then enabled disk mode, and it did the driver install thing, and I can access it, now. However, leaving disk mode and going back to OP-1, I cannot enter disk mode again. it actually crashed my OP-1 and it wouldn’t turn off, which is new o.O it did turn off eventually, but the text all over the screen was new to me… it even said a file was missing, something about drum something iirc.


1)Plug in powered-off OP-1
2)Turn on OP-1
3)Enter Disk Mode
4)Wait 15 seconds for some whack ass reason
5)OP-1 disk appears in Explorer

And apparently I also have an intermittent open in my USB cable. I keep it folded how it came, it tucks into some loops on the Unit Portables case, but over the years I guess it wore out at a bend near the small connector >.> (shaking it there makes it disconnect/reconnect)
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Ok news
No luck with win7 on other comp
Contacted support. Gotba very quick answer. They told me to run the battery to nill. This will reset the system (not my recordings). I’ll come back later.
Thank you all for the feedback so far. @KrisM I waited more than a minute and tryed different styles of power-ups… :frowning:

Damn, that sucks but at least TE had a solution to try. I might try that too to see if it speeds mine up

any solution here? I have the same problem with Windows 7 - only managed to connect it very very rarely (1 time in 50 attempts).