wiping OP-Z to store more samples

Just wondering what legit methods there are, and what I can completely erase off my OP-Z to make more room for sampling. Not interested in hacked methods that may end up bricking my unit or altering the factory restore data, I’m just trying to remove all factory sounds, presets, patterns which can be restored with a factory reset. I tried deleting factory samples 1-5 under the sampler and noticed I couldn’t remove them the same way I can remove the user-made ones in slots 6-0.

in content mode on a Computer you can easily remove all soundpacks and presets by putting them to the trash :wastebasket:

it’s really interesting to start with a blank op-z and then tell me where the nice Bell like FM sound comes from when transforming an empty slot into a sample slot. :fire: on synth tracks

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