With backups safe to empty unit and start from scratch?

Sorry if this was discussed already (as it most probably was) but I just wanted to ask if it is totally risk-free to clear all samples and projects from the opz and start from scratch once I have backed up the content to my computer?

Or to put it another way - when I want to revert to my last backup after having emptied the unit, will everything be exactly as before if I reload the content of the backup onto the opz?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, I’ve done this many times and have folders of OP-Z backups on my hard drive (since each backup is only ~34MB). I don’t think I’ve had any issues loading older backups, though I’ll admit that I’ve never checked to see if anything’s missing or has been changed.

A couple points of caution:

  • If you have any custom samples that aren’t currently loaded to a track I think you might have to delete them through the app or else they’ll continue to take up storage space
  • The backups will save your presets, but if you transfer a sample from an older OP-Z the presets won’t automatically come along with it

Side note: I keep thinking of making a video about backing up your OP-Z but it’s pretty low on the priority list.


No one has really done a good vid on it yet. Look forward to it!