Wobbly volume knob

Hi all,

After returning my faulty op-1 that couldnt boot to the COM screen I tried to stay away but I ended up buying another one!

However, I cant remember the firmness of the volume knob on my previous unit, the one on my new op-1 seems quite loose and isnt as firm as the encoder knobs, is this normal?

Same on my model which was bought last year.

It is definitely looser, but not worryingly so in my opinion.

Funny, I just noticed that on mine the other night, thought maybe it was something I had done. It’s about 4 months old.

It’s also a continuous rotary rather than one with clicks like the others so will always feel different.

Ah ok, thats great to know! Thanks guys!

Only the knop is actually wobbly, not the poti under it…