Working usb c hub for op-z


Can anyone recommend a working usb c hub for the op-z?
I have a noname hub which used to work, but now doesn’t seem to transfer any midi between the Z and my keystep for example. Could be due to a software update of the op-z.

I think it would be nice to have a list of working hubs here. I thought I had seen one somewhere, but I couldn’t find it anymore.


I use a cheap “anderson” brand one works for everything. I strongly suspect this is a localized branding so maybe it’s not available where you are. (I’m in Sweden)

I use the Kingston Nucleum. Works beautifully with Op-z.


Also using the nucleum here, works fine with all midi connections… only thing that bothers me is that it makes a buzzing noise when no power source is connected. I tried two nucleums and both have that issue.

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Okay, thanks and good to hear, that the cheap one is working, too. I ordered a cheap one here in Germany and will report on the outcome

So the cheap hub from ‘ugreen’ with power and 4 USB-A ports unfortunately seems to only support one device at a time…

Fortunately though, I discovered that my old noname hub does still work - only one port (of 3) doesn’t.

The nucleum has two ports, isn’t it? So do you only use it with maximum 2 devices?

Since the nucleum is primarily geared towards iPad it’s has 3 inputs: hdmi, USB-c and USB.

You would need to add a USB hub if you needed to connect multiple USB devices to Op-z. If all you need is USB connections and not USB-c or Hdmi then a USB only hub is more suitable (just ensure it has 1 USB-c main connection).