World of Inherent Noise (OP-1 Ambient Album)


I wrote this album during full lockdown paranoia. It’s based on exploring environmental noise in it’s various forms and I limited myself to only the OP-1 for the entire album, using the lo-fi microphone to capture the source material.

Here’s what the label had to say:

“World of Inherent Noise is a masterclass in languid electronica, and these new recordings are both native and alien, bringing out the everyday weirdness of being confined to the house while a pandemic rages just outside your double glazing.” Paul Bareham

Hope you like!


Yeah that’s nice!

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Hey, thanks for checking it!

side question - who did you use to get the tapes created? my goal is some day produce a few tracks and put them on a cassette

Get a tape recorder and buy some tapes… make your own art!! Get scissors, put them puppies in there, and start your shop!

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