Would you buy a Pocket Operator MIDI Sync machine, if we built one?

Hi all!

We got tired of not having a stand alone way of syncing the POs with a computer. So we built some hardware for it.

  • It takes MIDI Sync via USB (and power)
  • Send a click sync via 3.5mm out
  • When stopped it lets the pattern finish, so when started it always starts from beat 1
  • A small oled screen to show current step

So now the question is. If we actually produce this for sale:
Would you buy one?
What would you be willing to pay?

The forum didn’t let me upload any image so here:
Image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O2VWu9cVx4G8IKpntI4rr1n79dsWv5Bg/view?usp=sharing
Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PcGWt-IVOuNkiy2cqjghg3BloEGWDthS/view?usp=sharing

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If it allows for certain outputs to be at half or twice the speed of others, YES!

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So you would like to have multiple outputs and be able to change sync multiplier on each?

dude on eBay touch prone has been making something similar for years

it should have DIN midi in/outs as well. Pulse sync is cheap with microcontrollers - make sure it has at least 4. Bonus points for USB host.
If it is an opensource hardware, I can help with the code.

This is something I was looking for awhile back, I think I’ve found a solution for my own case but definitely it would be helpful if this existed. This was the closest I found:
But I think it requires some assembly and also, it uses MIDI so it needs a separate MIDI-USB converter.
Multiple outputs with unique sync multipliers would be fantastic and being able to set sync multiplier would be helpful even if there’s only one output. I tried syncing a bastl kastle, a pocket operator and a volca once. They all naturally/by default use different sync multipliers. I had to borrow a friend’s beatstep to make it work in the end.

I would certainly be interested in buying this. Not sure what I think an appropriate price would be. Maybe around the same as one of the cheaper POs?

Too late now, but i would definately buy one for the right price. A very simple version, just midi in and sync out, but able to handle midi cc´s alo would be awesome.

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