Would you rather ??

Hey hoy haaaaay !

In continuation of the last discussion : http://operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/235/best-polyphonic-synth#latest
I’d like to ask one more question ! What is to you guys the more radiohead-ish, pinkfloyd-ish, mgmt-ish, altJ-ish, Arcade Fire-ish, Tame Impalish synth between these two :
-The fabulous MicroKORG
-The outsider : Novation MiniNova

It will be a complement to my Operator/Analog/Electric synth engine from Ableton suite ( controller by Push ), and my Brute from french brand Arturia ( yaya french like me :open_mouth: )…

It will be mainly used for pads !

I don’t have the possibility to buy a Mopho x4, or a Nord lead… so I’ve chosen the minikeys alternative without aftertouch and with plastic cases… But I guess that’s if so many people uses them, it can’t be that hard to play with…!


Mininova all the way. It’s a lot newer and kills the MicroKorg in features. 18 voices vs 4, 3 oscillators per voice vs 2, 3 LFOs vs 2, 6 EGs vs 2, 20 mod slots with 66 destinations, 5 effects vs 2, 36 wavetables, 14 VA waveforms, 20 digital waveforms, you can use it as a plugin if you want.

I have much love for the MicroKorg (I owned one a decade ago, my first VA now that I think about it) but if I had to choose between the two today, I would get the MiniNova. And wavetable synths with buckets of modulation options are wonderful for pads, of course :slight_smile:

I actually sorta want one myself if you can’t tell. But between a Blofeld, Monomachine, and OP-1 my synth needs are pretty well covered.

And hey, if you get the MiniNova you can have it and the MicroBrute argue like King Arthur and the Taunting Frenchman from Monty Python and the Holy Grail >.>

What @krisM said . . .

+2 @krisM .
It has “animation” buttons and a superior vocoder with autotune feature that is ment to be fun.

dude kinda making me want a mininova now…how long have these be out for?

about a year and a half or so @docshermsticks