Yamaha MOXF - OP-1's Big Brother

For those who are interested in a full size keyboard that does much of what the OP-1 does, I want to suggest the MOXF. Now first, admittedly, the Yamaha does not have the cool factor that the OP-1 has. It is more of a traditional workstation. However, it has so many great features for a very low price that it truly is worth more than a cursory look. I have two of them and they are serious music workhorses. As with the OP-1 the MOXF has a very robust sequencer engine. You can record pattern-based or song-length sequences, with 16 tracks of multi-timbral goodness. The way the MOXF structures performance patches is a tad confusing at first, but once you understand it, it opens up lots of possibilities. The sounds are all sample based, and with editor software you can load sample sets into the memory card (the card is extra, but comes in several sizes).

There is an extensive effects section for each voice, as well as cutoff/resonance control for each voice. For me, I needed a keyboard that could allow me to sequence 80s tunes with perfect sounds and keep it all in one keyboard. I haven’t come across a multi-timbral board that does this as well as the MOXF does for the price. This board is NOT super easy or intuitive… But if you spend some time getting to know its secrets, it will let you do almost anything you can dream up, and unless you need custom samples you will never have to use a computer, although it has great integration with Cubase.

oh yeah… It also includes a vocoder, which works great and lets me rock Funkytown or Rockit like a boss! This may sound like one big ad for Yamaha, but I am pretty picky about workstations… And for the price, this thing blows everything else away. If you have ever been feeling like you need more than the OP-1 can give in terms of keys, velocity, more sequencing power, and general keyboard playability, I can’t recommend this board enough. And, bonus… The OP-1 sounds are velocity sensitive when played from the MOXF via Midi!

Thanks for the tip. Google around and found a nice Sonicstate video on the MOXF6:

Yamaha MOXF 6 presentation - YouTube

Interesting instrument, especially if a good-pianist is playing it :slight_smile: Only downside is the size but with the features it has (a couple of octaves worth of keys, velocity, mod wheels, etc) there’s no way around that.

USB to host and USB to midi ports, does one of these let you hookup the op1 directly?

Hey Ghostly, that’s a good question! I haven’t tried it. My gut tells me probably not directly - but it’s possible I guess. I’ll get back to you on this.

crudeoperator, Yep, the size is part of it’s appeal, just as size is part of the OP-1’s appeal, for sure. I love the full size keys, and the weighted ones on the MOXF8. I’m a pianist at heart, that’s how I started. The MOXF has a great batch of sounds - just an incredible library that you can also add to with sound packs and arpeggio sets. Very, very realistic sounds, as well as some just ballz synth sounds. I defy almost anyone to close their eyes on some of the analog sounding synths and not feel warm inside - they are that good. Some of the Oberheim-style brass and synth sounds just rip right through my speakers, I love it!

I have played the OP-1 from the MOXF and it jumps to life as well with touch sensitive sound. Really, all in all when someone who has an OP-1 starts to pine for just a bit more power in terms of all of the OP-1’s elements, they will find a very good home with the MOXF. Yamaha doesn’t have the fun quirky style of TE, but it will definitely take anyone into the pro league with their keyboard. They also have a user group, yamahasynth.com. Thanks for posting that video, too. Nice!

USB to host and USB to midi ports, does one of these let you hookup the op1 directly?

Unfortunately I tested and the MOXF gave an “Incompatible Device” message. However, I know the MOXF can handle it via MIDI, both coming and going - so if you have a midi interface already, you can go that route, or through computer controlled USB.